A Short Trip to the Forgotten Coast

Gulf Coast Sunset

From time to time we go camping at St Joe Peninsula State Park on Florida’s forgotten coast. We have had mixed results with weather, mostly since we visit in the off season. This week we got lucky with both great weather and lots of birds to photograph. There were egrets galore, some great blue herons […]

A Little Smokies Color

Heading up Newfound Gap Road, along with a few thousand others

We made another quick trip up to the Smokies to see how the fall color was progressing (along with thousands of others). It was pretty good at high elevations and getting started down low. This trip we stayed at Elkmont CG in our FWC and checked out the Little River Road, Tremont, Roaring Fork, Greenbrier […]

Fausett Sunflowers 2017


Fausett Sunflowers near Dawsonville, Georgia opened one of their fields this week and it is pretty much in full bloom. We grew up in Kansas (the sunflower state) but I don’t remember anything like this when we lived there. They have another field planted which should be blooming as this one fades, after that they […]

A short trip to Cades Cove

Now I remember why I don't go up to the Smokies more often ...

We spent a couple of nights camping in Cades Cove this week. It had been a while since we’d been up there and we wanted to try a few things; I wanted to test out my new Nikon D850, we wanted to see what the colors were looking like, and the main reason was to […]

Butterflies in the Yard

Cabbage White butterfly (Pieris rapae)

While I’m waiting for my Nikon D850 order’s metamorphosis from back-ordered to delivered I’ve been amusing myself with my Lumix GH5, and in particular using it with the Leica 100-400mm zoom. It’s a very handy wildlife combo and works great for something to just grab and go out in the yard and photograph butterflies. We […]

Oh yes, the Badlands

Shapely Mud

The last park we visited on our trip was Badlands NP in South Dakota. Since our schedule was sort of dictated to us by other events we were there during the Sturgis motorcycle rally. 😉 We found, though, that if we explored the park in the mornings and evenings while the bikers were still in […]

And let’s not forget the Trees

Tacoma and Trees

One of the areas we always visit, and will continue to revisit, on our trips to the left coast is the Redwoods in Northern California. We camped a couple of nights there in two different parks and did some driving around and we could see that we missed some potentially great places, so we will […]

Some Oregon Coast Scenery

Just Beachy

As a part of our latest trip we drove up the Oregon coast. We went south to north this time, mainly because of scheduling issues, so we didn’t stop at as many overlooks as we would have going north to south, but we still saw some amazing scenery. We had also planned to shoot Cannon […]

Some Columbia Gorge Waterfalls

Multnomah Falls

Although our trip to the Gorge was delayed and cut short by a day due to truck trouble, we of course had to take a drive down ‘Waterfall Row’. 😉 We camped at Eagle Creek CG in the Gorge (it was the first developed campground in the Forest Service system). It’s a great place to […]

Smoky Palouse

Palouse Wheat

We stopped by the Palouse area of Washington on our way back home, mostly to let Donna see what wheat farming there looked like in contrast to the much flatter Kansas wheat farms. Some of the wheat had already been cut but a lot of it was still pretty green, probably due to all the […]

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